Monday, 21 March 2011

electronic advertising assignment

I am very loyal to the brand MARY KAY. It is my daily essential skin products, I use every day MARY KAY number one facial cleanser and toner to skin care One, it's raw materials are naturally very soft, In particular, it is no foam cleanser, it is suitable for me. because my skin is sensitive, if a little bit of stimulation, will make me feel uncomfortable, this brand is from the United States, a number of years history, I felt at ease. the world has its own company, I have used the product for 4 years it felt good, so it is indispensable to my life something particular, Malaysia's climate is humid hot Many places have indoor air-conditioning, and the temperature is at the end, resulting in dry skin and very easy to oil, so brought over from China, the skin care products can not adapt to the climate here, come here first time is also not suitable for use as suited to the product, resulting in a long face, a lot of acne, so I worried for a long time to go home and drink a lot of Herbal Treatment. because the Chinese also know that before MARY KAY, just not used. But this, here, and some know when to plan to try, and although the side is also a MARY KAY, but the product is specially suitable for use in Malaysia this climate. which I feel very good to tested. the results of my skin up slowly enough, after my skin is getting better and better long-term use, and no longer have acne and distress, so that now it has become indispensable to my life brand, I will always be loyal to it.

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