Saturday, 30 April 2011

what i have learned about electronic advertising ?

In this few months, i have learned from this subject is about advertising,  and process to do the group assignment.....
For the first, i'm so scared when touching about advertising because i'm not a creative person .As we know, to create an ads we have to be creative ,creative and creative to fulfill client needs. To create an ads, we need to follow the creative process...which is explorer,artist, judge and warrior. we have to insight environment around us, , brainstorming without critic any ideas and so forth before present to client.therefore, we have to do research what nowadays people like, consumer behavior, perception about an product, target audience, type of media the audience will prefer view it and so forth.

In addition, i have learned about AIDA methods which is attention(awareness), interest, desire and action.this method is influence a customer on a product they will buy.....the customer might get the product ads from TV( make attention to target audience), if the ads target to wrong audience, they wouldn't go further for step interest.So, marketer need to target to right audiences. Besides, segmenting ads through demographic, geographic, psychographic... for instance, in geographic, some advertisement can not put in country of Malaysia because their contents or picture is not suitable for community of Malaysia. we have to be careful to put a advertisement according cultural of a country.

In process to do the group assignment,i have gained some experience from my group member especially the advertisement which is Rafa product do by creative team...they are amazing, their effort is really work. The ads look so nice. They have teach me what should do before do an ads. The 1st is who is our target audience, what colour should use on the ads, how can the ads attract audience and so forth. Besides that,  i always listen the opinion from group members which they have give me a lot of idea to proceed my part especially my partner(we are strategy planner)....i'm believe they can help me because we are a team and i'm not alone.We always communicated each other to made the assignment success. in every discussion, we have  a very happy moment to work together. Although sometimes we have faced some problem but we have setter up it in short time. Further,i have learned how to create a questionnaire....this is help me a lot for my next semester paper, marketing research.

Last ,but no least...i also learned and  know that media is a importance tools to make advertising success in the market. through the mass media, addressable media, interactive media, and nontraditional media. that is help to set the message to customer mind , make an attention to people to aware the ads being in market ,found new product in market and so on. without those media, people will not make attention to the advertisement.

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Thursday, 28 April 2011

electronic advertising last assignment:I learned something.....

Learning through electronic advertising, I understand the process of generating an advertisement, in particular, I studied Marketing, Advertising in fact, very helpful for us to market professionals, through me and our team members and our process of doing our project I learned a lot, first as a team, we have to do for my clients to plan, design, and create ads for clients that need our products do, how to better promote this product in our schools, we for different groups of people does not make sense that we will design programs, such as our advertising design is the product of our school buses in the car, the cost of such advertising is small, but done to promote the purpose of the student, so this is the job for me learned a lot for the experience, I will be very helpful to go to work, so thank you in such a practical instructor, let us know how to do it for an advertising company, how to design an advertisement, and an advertising important, which is what I study electronic advertising gains.


Monday, 28 March 2011

perceptual map------WATCHES

The perceptual map above show of various watches on the two dimension upscale/ sporty and higher/ affordable price. The ROLEX was the upscale and higher price of the watches study. The OMEGA was the most higher price and sportiest. In opposite, the TITUS was the upscale and affordable price. And ELLE was the sporty with affordable price.

Monday, 21 March 2011

electronic advertising assignment

I am very loyal to the brand MARY KAY. It is my daily essential skin products, I use every day MARY KAY number one facial cleanser and toner to skin care One, it's raw materials are naturally very soft, In particular, it is no foam cleanser, it is suitable for me. because my skin is sensitive, if a little bit of stimulation, will make me feel uncomfortable, this brand is from the United States, a number of years history, I felt at ease. the world has its own company, I have used the product for 4 years it felt good, so it is indispensable to my life something particular, Malaysia's climate is humid hot Many places have indoor air-conditioning, and the temperature is at the end, resulting in dry skin and very easy to oil, so brought over from China, the skin care products can not adapt to the climate here, come here first time is also not suitable for use as suited to the product, resulting in a long face, a lot of acne, so I worried for a long time to go home and drink a lot of Herbal Treatment. because the Chinese also know that before MARY KAY, just not used. But this, here, and some know when to plan to try, and although the side is also a MARY KAY, but the product is specially suitable for use in Malaysia this climate. which I feel very good to tested. the results of my skin up slowly enough, after my skin is getting better and better long-term use, and no longer have acne and distress, so that now it has become indispensable to my life brand, I will always be loyal to it.

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Saturday, 12 March 2011

glister -----multi-action fluoride toothpaste

I like glister toothpaste not only it is important to me but It also make me cheerful every day and have a fresh taste, to meet the happy day! 

Although I only used it for a year, but the first day of use it has made ​​me feel incredible. This is do i meet with "him"?  

GLISTER is a direct selling product which is under amway brand. i have never believe about direct sales, but .... one year ago, i have a friend who is join to amway then console me buy the amway product from her.she is tell me glister is a fantastic toothpaste, which is not only make whitens teeth, but also have others multiple action.For instances,it help our teeth to removes plaque, fight cleans, freshens breath and helps promote remineralization.

After that, she send me the glister toothpaste without any payment and told me must test it. When i first time used it to brush my teeth, I immediately feel that my whole person is so cool and i also could smell the hint of mint flavor full in my mouth. it also fresh up my mind!
I'm like intoxicated in the summer with a spring in the sense of the whole person from the moment the hot weather has become cold, my mood is feeling so happy.

Although the price a little expensive, but glister toothpaste has a lot of advantage compare to others toothpaste brand. Besides that, glister toothpaste is very save.
It is because it can use up to 1 year and only need to squeeze like a peanut size.

In conclusion, i would like to say GLISTER toothpaste is importance and beneficial to my teeth. I love it so much....