Thursday, 28 April 2011

electronic advertising last assignment:I learned something.....

Learning through electronic advertising, I understand the process of generating an advertisement, in particular, I studied Marketing, Advertising in fact, very helpful for us to market professionals, through me and our team members and our process of doing our project I learned a lot, first as a team, we have to do for my clients to plan, design, and create ads for clients that need our products do, how to better promote this product in our schools, we for different groups of people does not make sense that we will design programs, such as our advertising design is the product of our school buses in the car, the cost of such advertising is small, but done to promote the purpose of the student, so this is the job for me learned a lot for the experience, I will be very helpful to go to work, so thank you in such a practical instructor, let us know how to do it for an advertising company, how to design an advertisement, and an advertising important, which is what I study electronic advertising gains.


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